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The Period Acupuncturist

Specialist in Period and Fertility Health

Too often, women find me after they have been told:

  • Your fertility problems are "unexplained"

  • Your period pain that stops you leaving the house is "normal"

  • Your perimenopausal symptoms are "nothing but a normal life transition"

  • Your premenstrual rage is "just PMS"

  • Your breech baby requires an external cephalic version that "might be a bit uncomfortable"

  • Your heavy periods that soak through your clothes are "not a problem"

But what if your experience was different?

A practitioner who goes above and beyond to support you reach your menstrual goal.

Experienced & Professional Knowledge, Guidance & Support.

Compassionate Listening with Zero Judgement.

Commitment and Advocacy to Your Menstrual Health.

Pro Choice.

Andrea Dewhurst

But, wait how can working with an acupuncturist help me and my period problems?

I am about to become part of your period support team.  I am your expert menstrual health advocate and cheerleader, giving you guidance and accountability.  From fertility to perimenopause to endometriosis to PCOS and beyond. 

Yes we will be using acupuncture but working with me is so much more than that.  I am working with you to achieve your menstrual problem transformation. 

  • Listening: There is no medical gaslighting with me.  I want to know your whole menstrual health story from puberty onwards.  No-one knows your body and your signs and symptoms as well as you do.  I believe you.

  • Advocacy:  I will help you navigate the medical system.  Giving you tools to advocate for yourself and your diagnosis and treatment.  If I need to write to your GP, I will do that.  If I need you to see a nutritionist I will make sure they know about your case and needs.

  • Expert Guidance:  I make it my business to know everything about your menstrual health condition.  

  • Accountability: I am here to give you tools and techniques to help support your period transformation.  But I will be asking that you take responsibility too.

  • Commitment: You have my wholehearted commitment to reaching your menstrual health goal.

  • Testing: If I believe you need more information I will be working with you to understand the best testing e.g. blood tests, vaginal microbiome, gut microbiome, oral microbiome.  This is all done with the one commitment to getting to the root cause of your menstrual health concern.

Choose the Package That Fits You Best

I have a commitment to you.  And that is why, I ask for a commitment of a minimum of three acupuncture treatments if you decide to work with me.

Buy 6 treatments and save £100

Buy 3 treatments and save £54

Period Princess

Meet Andrea,
The Period Acupuncturist

Andrea The Period Acupuncturist.  She is sitting on a sofa with pictures in the background

Anything that is not 'optimal' with the menstrual cycle and I am going to be your acupuncture support team

Hi, I am Andrea and I am passionate about educating, supporting, advocating and treating women's menstrual health concerns.  From puberty through to menopause.  

Because you deserve the best quality of life without period symptoms that impact your physical and emotional health.

I am also an acupuncturist with a difference as I offer mobile acupuncture in Hertfordshire. I bring the acupuncture appointment to you, in the comfort of your own home.  There is no other acupuncturist in Hertfordshire who offers this.


By coming to you, I save you precious time and it allows you to keep healing and relaxing long after I have left.

I hope you find what you need, but you can get in touch with me any time.  You can:

  • Email me here.

  • Book in a free call here

  • Or please feel free to check out my FAQs.  

Would you like to talk?

Curious about how acupuncture can help with your period symptoms?


Grab a free discovery call here.  

I offer free 20-minute discovery calls, where we can have an evidence-informed, straightforward, and empathetic chat. There's no hard sell here, just a genuine desire to support you on your menstrual health journey. 

Andrea Dewhurst

How Menstrual Awareness Changes Lives

Expression of your health

Your period offers a monthly report card of what is happening with your general health

Cyclical living

Cyclical living allows you to be at your best for where you are in your cycle

Optimal, not normal

You might have been told that pain, mood swings and flooding is normal.  Understanding what is optimal will give you the tools to advocate for your general health

Be a detective

By interpreting your periods you can start to understand what is the right treatment for you

"Believe me, there's no such thing as a perfect period or a perfect menstrual cycle.  Every woman's cycle is unique and reflects her health, fertility, and life situation."

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Let's Stay Connected

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