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Acupuncture in Hitchin

Hitchin, Hertfordshire is not only my home town but I also have an acupuncture clinic in Little Wymondley, Hitchin every Thursday.

Lidder Therapies, Unit 7E, Old Hall Farmyard, Priory Lane, Little Wymondley, Hitchin, Herts, SG4 7BL 

Acupuncturist in Hitchin

Hitchin has so many wonderful attributes and I am really lucky to now call it home.

When choosing a clinic space, that I could work from, alongside my mobile acupuncture business I was very specific.

I wanted a space that aligned with my desire to support women's menstrual health issues.  And I have found this with Lidder Therapies.

I work from Lidder Therapies, every Thursday.

Lidder Therapies

You can find me at Lidder Therapies every Thursday.  This amazing space has lots of free parking and a neutral clinic feel that will allow you to come in and relax.​


Unit 7E, Old Hall Farmyard, 

Priory Lane, 

Little Wymondley, 

Hitchin, Herts, SG4 7BL 

If you would like to make a booking at the Hitchin Acupuncture Clinic please email or call 07876224566

To make a booking

"Andrea is an amazing practitioner and wonderful person. She really puts you at ease during treatment. Andrea communicates clearly about different treatment options and their benefits. Perhaps most importantly her aim is for you to feel better and not need treatment! Andrea takes her time to understand your needs and provides helpful advice and recommendations in addtion to in-session treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her treatment has been transformative for me."

L.H, Hitchin, Google Review

Acupuncture Services in Hitchin

Every Thursday, I work from Lidder Therapies in Little Wymondley, Hitchin.  From this beautiful acupuncture clinic I offer the following acupuncture services.

Flower Girl

If you are just starting out with your fertility journey, or you have been told you have "unexplained" infertility, or you are about to start an IVF cycle, then get in touch with me about how acupuncture could be beneficial in supporting you.

Image by Deon Black

From puberty through to post-menopause I am here to help you navigate and move through your "problem" periods.  From painful period, PCOS, heavy periods, missing periods, PMS, PMDD and perimenopausal symptoms then I am your acupuncture support team.

Image by Haley Lawrence

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

Cosmetic facial acupuncture treatment can be for acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring, Treatment involves a full Chinese medicine diagnosis and body acupuncture points that support your health. 


In cosmetic facial acupuncture needles are inserted to create a healing response, which in turn creates a natural treatment that aims to rejuvenate elasticity and complexion.


No chemicals, no pain.  

Contact Me


Lidder Therapies, 

Unit 7E,

Old Hall Farmyard,

Priory Lane,

Little Wymondley,



SG4 7BL 



Opening Hours


8:00 am – 7:00 pm

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