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How acupuncture helps

How acupuncture helps

I have just finished reading a book about running a business and marketing. And time and again the message is "who and how are you solving a problem for your clients/patients".

"What are people's problems and how can I provide a solution"?

It always seemed blindingly obvious to me what my solution was. I just wanted to help people feel better.

But having been in practice now, for 6 months, it is much harder than this.

  • people do not always know about acupuncture (until my GP suggested it to me 6 years ago I had no idea about it)

  • people do not know if it will help them (understandable concern)

  • we are used to what is familiar. If you have a bad back, you will go and see an osteopath or chiropractor.

I see it all the time. So I wanted to offer today, the ways in which I think acupuncture is a solution. I am sure this is not an exhaustive list of problems and solutions and I am also not saying that acupuncture is NOT a cure-all.

As always send me a message if you have any questions. I love to hear from you.



Who can I turn to for my condition?

The problem = who can I turn to for my problem?

The solution = I am not saying acupuncture can cure everything and anything. I am offering it as a suggestion for some conditions because often people do not know what acupuncture might be capable of.

As anyone is a regular around here will know, I am an evidence-based acupuncturist....and the evidence is looking very strong now.

In this table of Cochrane trials (Cochrane is considered the gold standard of research and evidence), you can see that in February 2021 acupuncture has almost 15,000 studies including it. Chiropractors, by contrast, have just over 1,000 controlled trials.

Acupuncture Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials

Acupuncture for chronic pain: I have written previously here and here about the evidence for acupuncture for chronic pain.

However, acupuncture has been shown to have an effect on all these conditions below 👇🏻

So next time you have back pain, for example, maybe look for your local acupuncturist instead of a chiropractor?


Medicine can be dangerous

The problem: medicine can be dangerous

The solution: all medicines have the ability to be dangerous. Even paracetomol (have you ever read the leaflet which comes with it? I know I never had)

I have written here about the possible side effects of acupuncture, but I will leave you with the below

of 4,441,103 acupuncture treatments, the number of reported serious adverse events was 11

"All NSAIDs, including naproxen, were found to be associated with an increased risk of acute myocardial infarction.... Risk was greatest during the first month of NSAID use and with higher doses"

Paracetamol use during pregnancy — a call for precautionary action


72 week waiting list in Hertfordshire for pain management

The problem = it is 72 weeks in Hertfordshire to see a pain clinic.

The solution = unfortunately, this is a true fact ☝🏼about that wait time to see a specialist on the NHS for pain. If you come for acupuncture, I can fit you in as early as next week.


Medication only masks the problem

The problem = taking medication is only masking the problem.

The solution = acupuncture is all about treating the root cause. Treat the root cause and you will hopefully treat the signs and symptpms.

An example is a patient who has migraines. They revolve around their menstrual cycle. The medication really helps her, but it doesn't treat the true underlying problem. With acupuncture, I am working on her menstrual cycle and not just her migraine.


I am not involved in my healthcare

The problem = I am not involved in my healthcare

The solution = when you work with me I really believe you should know how and why I am treating you. You are not a passive recipient but an active participant in your healthcare


Acupuncture is expensive

The problem = acupuncture is expensive

The solution = I cannot compete with our free NHS health service (I also like eating and having a roof over my head). We are very lucky to live in a country where we can be treated for free.

To solve some of the expenses around acupuncture I have:


Red flags

The problem = I didn't know there was a problem

The solution = trained and regulated acupuncturists are taught red flags. Since I started practising in November 2021 I have already sent 2 patients for checkups with their GPs for areas of concern. Acupuncturists observe everything and our detailed questioning also shows up any areas that need referring back to your GP.


The problem = if I have multiple problems I need to make multiple appointments with my GP.

The solution = I can often treat a number of conditions simultaneously as they may be interlinked. We are always discussing your priority but I can definitely look at treating more than one condition.


The problem = I really don't believe in acupuncture/hate needles

The solution = This is absolutely fine. Acupuncture isn't for everyone. You need to find your medicine

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