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The New Years resolutions your body will thank you for

Today’s blog post is courtesy of some of the fabulous local female business owners that are part of the Mama Hive, a female business support membership.

When I thought about creating this post, I wanted to highlight that there is not just one way to make changes for your health.

So each of these fabulous women (plus me) have given you their very top tip for wellbeing. Something that you can incorporate easily because let’s face it none of us wants to add to our ‘to-do’ list. But these are the new year’s resolutions that your body will thank you for.

Let me know if you pick one (or two, or more). And their contact details are under the top tip, so if you would like to hear more then you know how to get in touch with them.

Love your fave acupuncturist in Hertfordshire



Live according to the seasons

Andrea Dewhurst, Acupuncturist in Hertfordshire

OK, I am cheating because I am technically providing four tips under one umbrella, but living seasonally incorporates all of these.

We can forget that we were designed to live according to seasons. We can eat avocado all year round. We can work late into the day because we have electricity and light. We have heating, so we don't always dress appropriately for the weather. Amazing things; but our bodies are still catching up.

So, my tips are this:

  • Please do not eat salads or drink cold smoothies in the winter; we are already cold. Do not add more cold to yourself internally. This is particularly important if you are having trouble with your menstrual cycle (period pains, irregular periods, fertility problems) or digestion.

  • Do not sit on the floor without adequate separation between you and cold or damp. Your neck (which I will come on to) and your lower orifices are susceptible to cold and dampness. They enter from the outside and travel internally. Again this is particularly pertinent if you have period pain, fertility problems or digestion.

  • Try and stop work when it is dark. The Winter is a time to rest. All animals, in Winter, change their habits. Sleep longer; forage and store; eat seasonally. Except for humans. Yet, we all need to find time to rest. Make winter the time for this.

  • Wear a scarf: I’m really hoping this is one you can definitely take to heart; because in Chinese medicine by keeping our necks warm we are avoiding the weather entering and causing colds and stiff necks. The neck is considered one of the most vulnerable areas


Just stand up and move

Louise North, Osteopath in Welwyn Garden City

I have seen an increasing number of people sitting for long periods and working from home with poor work or desk station setups. The commute to work has gone, no more walking to the office or getting the train. Even walking upstairs to see colleagues or have meetings in the office has gone. People are working longer hours being more sedentary. Sitting doesn’t just affect the bones and muscles, it can affect our metabolism and as we gain weight there’s more pressure and increased force that go through the joints and can cause more injury.

My tip for health is pretty simple but so important and effective - to keep moving and avoid long periods of sitting. I tell my patients to set an alarm every 30 -40 minutes to make sure they take a break either to do some simple stretches at the desk but most importantly to get up even if for a minute or two and move around. This reduces compression on the spine and discs, aids joint mobility and lubrication and reduces swelling.

Many phone calls can be done whilst getting up and moving around rather than sitting with either the phone or a headset to be hands-free.

A great exercise to do is the’ bird dog’ – where you are on all fours and lift one leg straight out behind you and the opposite arm straight out in front of you. Also, remember to stretch your hip flexors which get shortened from prolonged periods of sitting.

Small changes in your day can make a big difference to your health.

Louise is based in Welwyn Garden City and can be contacted as below:

Telephone number: 01707 327 135


Comparison is the thief of joy!

Jess Sizeland, Founder of @themamahive community for female founders, freelancers and small business owners, and business coach & consultant.

As the saying goes - “Comparison is the thief of joy”. And if January and the New Year has got you comparing yourself to others online, this can have a seriously negative effect on our mental health and wellbeing. We judge ourselves too harshly, undermining our own achievements, and waste our own precious time and energy worrying about what others are doing or have, instead of focusing on our own good stuff.

So when comparisonitis strikes, try this instead:

  1. Stop and think about your reaction. What specifically does this other person have that you want? And do you REALLY want it?

  2. Rather than feeling jealous or frustrated - how have they achieved what it is that you want? Can you find inspiration from them and use that to help you work towards your own goals?

  3. Social media is a highlights reel. People generally only put their ‘best bits’ on there. And sometimes it’s all bullshit anyway. Don’t always believe the hype.

  4. Watch your language. Comparisonitis is basically negative self-talk. Work on acknowledging your own strengths and achievements, and you are less likely to compare yourself to others.

  5. Remember your why. We all have different values and definitions of success. Stick to what you believe in and what you know to be true.

  6. And if all else fails - put the phone down. Have a social media detox. And don’t forget to use that unfollow button. YOU get to decide who you let into your space online.

Jess can be found here:

Website: The Mama Hive


Mobile number: 07921 219496


Reframe from exercise to movement

By Ana Rodriguez, Group Fitness Instructor and advocator for Physical and Mental Fitness.

Voted by the public Best Fitness Instructor in Herts and Beds 2019 & 2021 in the Muddy Stilletos Awards

We often hear that we all should exercise more, but many of us hear the “E” word and start cringing, thinking of our dreaded PE lessons at school.

A way to overcome that is to think of ‘moving’ instead of exercising. We all can move, our bodies are designed to move that’s why our joints bend and our muscles are flexible and can stretch. Finding the joy for movement starts at an early age; children are always active, jumping, wiggling and climbing… it comes naturally.

When we grow up we stop moving. All of a sudden the message about moving our body changes, we are given the message that if we are not in sports gear, sweating and in pain, exercising doesn’t count! Furthermore when we grow older, for some reason, we believe that we are “supposed” to stop doing certain things like going on the floor or jumping because we are “too old”

The reality is that we should move at any age, it’s good for our physical and mental health. So start by finding what type of movement gives your heart joy… walking the dog, dancing, gardening, etc. and do just that… yes just blast your favourite tunes in your bedroom and bounce in your pj’s. Or catch up with friends while going for a walk… Allow yourself to realise that exercise is not about punishing your body, but about creating pleasurable moments while moving it!.

After a short period of time, you’ll notice how good you feel when you move, you will start realising that you feel differently about yourself, your aches will start fading away and you may even discover that your body can do much more than what you always thought… and then, you may even want more: a class, a club, a gym… but first, just start moving!

To find out more about Ana's classes you can visit her links below.


Find your space

Marina Buswell, Founder and Director Wheretowork Ltd “out of the house but not back in the office”

Try and notice a space, where you feel productive, or relaxed, or fit, or inspired, and connected to others (connecting is really important). Keep noticing for a while, and don’t over analyse or worry that you’re not achieving these moments a lot, just notice when you are.

When you do find that space, relish it – even if it’s a nanosecond (quite likely if you have little ones and can’t even pee by yourself!)

Then ask for a favour (from maybe another mum) for a way to keep finding that bit of space; because when you ask others – you give them permission to ask you – and we all win.

Then see what happens…

If it’s something else you need – a yoga class, a running mate, a babysitter, time to make a decent healthy meal twice a week – then look out into the Mama Hive Forum and beyond.

Of course, if it’s space to work out of the house – then talk to Marina at


Un-frazzle yourself this January

Abbey Wrangles, Frazzled Mums Club

If you’re setting yourself any News Year Resolutions in 2022 make your top priority to rest! I know shocker right to suggest not to do anything!

As women, we seem to be programmed to keep doing, so we need to prompt ourselves by planning downtime into our schedules. After the chaos of Christmas, it’s so easy to get swept up in the New Year to plan more, doing more, more, more, more!!

But what if we stopped and took the time to un-frazzle ourselves? How would that feel for you?

Take a deep breath, and just imagine taking time to stop and relax. How would your body feel and how would your mind feel?

Boost your energy levels

Plan in 10 minutes a day where you lay flat on your back with your legs up the wall. This is such a simple and easy tool to calm the nervous system, it will lower stress and anxiety, improve circulation and increase energy levels. Lay down and take in deep breaths to your stomach and you will notice the difference to your body and mind by taking this tiny pocket of time for yourself.

And if you’ve been rushing around and are feeling particularly overwhelmed you can treat yourself to an extra session because it’s 100% free! And it will improve your wellbeing with very little effort or the need for any equipment.

The Frazzled Mums Guide

Grab your free copy of the Frazzled Mums help guide with useful tips to keep the frazzled mum at bay.

“Rest to un-frazzle, by resting your power-up to be the best you for you and your family”

To get in touch with Abbey if you are a frazzled mum


Reflex to relax

Sarah Sutterby, Reflexologist, EFT Therapist and Owner of Stepping Stones with Sarah.

Hand reflexology is a lovely ritual to end each day and a quick way to release tension in the body and mind. Hand reflexology involves massaging points on the hands known as reflex points. The theory of reflexology states that these points are connected to a corresponding part of the body. Massaging our hands each night encourages healing throughout our body, benefiting our physical and emotional wellbeing.

As you get into bed, choose a hand cream that calms your mind (a cream with essential oils is

ideal). Cup your hands over your nose and take 3 deep breaths. Breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds and breathing out for 6 seconds. To begin the hand reflexology, apply gentle pressure, use your thumb pad to massage the other hand – starting from the crease of your wrist up to the tip of each finger. You can walk your thumb up your hand like a caterpillar or use circular motions. To massage the back of the hand, start from the tip of each finger, walking your thumb down to the wrist. Repeat on the other hand.

Finish the massage by using your thumb to press in the middle of the palm of your other hand. This is your solar plexus reflex and holding this area is deeply relaxing. As you hold the solar plexus reflex, take another deep breath in and out. A wonderful way to end your day and to encourage restful sleep.

If you would like to get in touch with Sarah, she is based in Hoddesdon and can be found here:

Mobile: 07515 834285


Get your sleep on!

Dawn Dobson, Holistic Therapist, Sunrise Holistic Therapies

My top wellness tip is getting a good night’s sleep. I know this sounds boring but the benefits of a good night’s sleep are HUGE for our body, mind and skin! So many of my clients suffer from either not being able to get to sleep or waking in the night and not being able to get back to sleep. After a Reflexology treatment, many reports they have the best night’s sleep they have had for months and wake feeling refreshed for a change.

I first suffered from sleep deprivation whilst having chemotherapy when the drugs and steroids really messed up my sleep pattern. After speaking to my Reflexologist she suggested getting a good bedtime routine in place such as:

  • Warm (not too hot) bath

  • Sit with low lighting

  • No phones or screens at least an hour before you want to sleep

  • Clean sheets (yes this can hinder sleep too, change your bedsheets once a week!)

  • Go to bed and read a book

  • Turn off the light

  • Be in bed by 9.30 pm (to be asleep by 10.00 pm)

The first time I adopted this routine, I had a great night’s sleep and felt refreshed the next day. It made me realise that bad habits such as being on screens, falling asleep watching TV, not making the bed and running around and falling into bed at midnight were hindering the one thing I needed the most! Give this routine a go, you may surprise yourself.

If you would like to work with Dawn, she is based in Welwyn, and can be found here:


Discover something new

Lana Celeste, Lana Celeste Dance

New Year's resolutions that never make it to February? If exercise is part of your 2022 goals, what’s going to make it stick?

Take a few minutes to imagine what else you’d love to get from your exercise… Are you looking for time out in nature to clear your head, or is it music that lifts your mood? Quiet me-time, or something sociable? An activity that gets you out of the house, or something you can do any time from the comfort of your home?

Start here, and you might just hit on something that's going to work for you and maybe (whisper it...) make you feel amazing!... as well as covering off that exercise goal. And when you’re feeling the benefits, sticking to it no longer feels like a chore.

I teach belly dance and there's nothing I love more than seeing my ladies’ gains - body confidence, better posture, making friends, staying supple... It’s fun, sociable and uplifting and class is something we all look forward to – and it just happens to tick the exercise box too!

So rather than starting January with promises of going to the gym every day, why not make this January the one where you try something new? Take advantage of those new year offers and try a session of whatever you think might do it for you. See what works for you and what you're excited to do again, and make exercise in 2022 all about the gains.

To get in touch with Lana about her classes she can be found here

Wednesday classes - 7.30 pm beginners at the Mill House in Hertford - 4-week course starting 12th January

Friday classes - 10.30 am beginners at Wodson Park in Ware, 5.30 pm open level over Zoom


Know the ingredients for your skin

Lauren Waddy, Skin Specialist

There are so many buzzwords when it comes to skincare. Lotions for one thing. Creams for another. Vitamins for something else. But what do you really need for your skin?

It is really confusing but I am here to make it simpler. Only 10% of ageing is down to genetics, the rest is down to us so here are some ingredients to help you discover what your skin might need:

  • Vitamin A (retinol, retinyl palmitate, betacarotene): increases collagen production, help minimise wrinkles and aids cell renewal

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate): reduces pigmentation and redness

  • Hyaluronic acid: for hydration

  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide): for uneven skin tone

  • Salicylic acid: for cleaning and exfoliating pores and controlling sebum production

  • Lactic acid: lightens, brighten and illuminates. Great for pigmentation.

What does good skincare consist of:

  1. Cleanse: Skin cleansing is essential in promoting and maintaining a healthy complexion. It removes makeup, excess oils and pollutions whilst prepping the skin for further products.

  2. Toner: Toners refine the appearance of the skin, making pores seem reduced and restoring the skin protective barrier.

  3. Eye serum: The eye tissue is very thin, just like tissue paper so can easily become dry and emphasise lines and wrinkles. Eye serums combat this.

  4. Moisturiser: moisturisers repair damage and normalise the skin, they soften and plump the skin whilst protecting it from environmental attack.

  5. SPF: The importance of daily protection from UV rays should not be underestimated, even on cloudy days. SPF should be your BFF!

Lauren has her own salon in Bengeo, Hertford and her contact details are below

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