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What Is Stopping You?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Does it work?

What a great question. And an important one. You need to know if I can help you.

There is so much evidence to show how brilliant acupuncture is. In a lot of disorders.

The NHS recommends it for migraines and the revised NICE proposal say that acupuncture would be more beneficial than painkillers for primary chronic pain.

If you would like to know more about specific conditions then feel free to get in touch, I am happy to answer your questions

I am frightened of needles

I've borrowed a picture to show the size of acupuncture needles. Amazingly, something that size can change your life.

But needles are not our only method of treatment. We could try alternatives such as cupping, gua sha or moxa.

Let's go with what your body needs.

Does it hurt?

I can understand that fear. We, as third-year students, practice on our peers and it can be daunting, but I have never had a painful point. @qiknowsbest wrote a great post if you want to look her up on Instagram but in her words

The use of these magic sticks are painless and not require a deep insertion; acupuncture points run along the service of the skin and only require an insertion 1/8th to 1/16th of an inch. That's it!

The sensation you could experience is an ache. But the feeling should pass within seconds. Of course, always highlight to your practitioner if there is pain.

I cannot afford it.

It can seem like a lot of money but multi-bed clinics are an option for more affordable treatments. These sessions can be about half the price. 

I don't have time

It is really hard to prioritize our own self-care. We are often at the very bottom of a long list of 'to-do' items. One of the reasons I decided to do mobile acupuncture is because I want to give you the gift of time. You do not have to rush to appointments. You can wait in the comfort of your own home. But I would also ask you to examine why you don't make your health a priority?

I don't have childcare

Cloud Twelve has a crèche! Their facilities also look incredible all round and Ross J Barr practices there. Win/win! But again, not having childcare will not be a problem with me coming to visit you. I actually enjoy that other members of your family will get to see how amazing acupuncture is.

So, what have you got to lose?

Money from an appointment - yes.

But you might also gain a method of treatment that helps you, is non-invasive, requires no medication, is a chance to relax and look after yourself and ultimately give you better health.

Medicine, in all its guises, has been practised for many 1000s of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for 2000 years.

It may seem too weird, or not worth getting acupuncture.

But really, what have you got to lose?

Love your fave Hertfordshire acupuncturist


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