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Cystitis case study

When I first started learning about Painful Urination Syndromes. I was blown away by the patterns, their various signs and symptoms, the organs involved.

Qi, Fatigue, Cloudy, Heat, Blood, Stone. Which one was it?

I was so blown away, I thought I will never want to treat this. I won't know where to start.

But, you start from the beginning.

By learning the basics, really well, I'm learning how to see signs and symptoms, diagnose and treat accordingly.

And I thought I would show you how I am breaking this down. Not because I am smart (unfortunately I am not) but because I want you to see how I am learning. That despite my un-smartness I can do this. And this might help you too.

I believe in you.


Firstly - what organs might be involved in Painful Urination Syndrome? In TCM, it isn't just the Bladder!

So, we might expect to Kidneys, Spleen, Liver and Lungs all having an impact on how we pee!

What do we know from what she is telling us?

  1. It is frequent - could be Kidney or Spleen Qi Sinking

  2. There is pain and distension in the hypogastrium - Liver or Gall Bladder

  3. There is no burning during peeing - no heat

  4. Experiences bloating - Liver S&S

  5. Experiences PMS - Liver S&S

  6. Experiences irritation - Liver S&S

  7. Experiences breast distension - Liver S&S

  8. Has previously had depression - Kidney S&S

  9. Has some lower back pain - Kidney S&S

  10. Has some dizziness - Kidney S&S

  11. Has slight tinnitus - could be Liver or Kidney S&S, depending on nature

  12. Tongue is normal, except redder sides - Liver is the sides of the tongues

  13. Pulse is weak at rear positions - Kidney positions (deficiency)

  14. Pulse is wiry on the left - Liver often associated with wiry pulses

What can't I see (this helps me eliminate and narrow down)?

  1. I can't see Blood - there is no blood signs i.e. blood in the pee

  2. I can't see Cloudy - there is no cloudy signs i.e. turbid or cloudy colour

  3. I can't see Heat - there is no burning when she pees/there is no thirst

  4. I can't see Stone - there are no stones in her pee

  5. I can't see Fatigue - she isn't tired. It isn't difficult for her to pee. She pees too often

  6. I can't see any other Spleen involvement (do not diagnose on one symptom)

  7. I can't see any Lung involvement



  • Full Qi Painful Urination Syndrome from Liver Qi Stagnation

  • Kidney deficiency

Now did I need to know that full title? I don't think so. We saw Liver Qi Stagnation, and Kidney deficiency. And actually that is all we needed because our treatment principle will be:

Treatment Principle:

Course Liver Qi

Tonify the Kidneys

Now, obviously we need some points to tonify Kidney Qi. What would you choose?

If you want the full gallery of patterns - see below.

I hope you found this useful? And if you'd like more help with the basics you can get my 'pay as you feel' PDF downloads.

Please, please ask if you have any questions. Any alternatives to how you would tackle this.

Let's all learn together,


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