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Updated: Apr 15

No, this is not my pregnancy announcement.

Acupuncture for pregnancy has become quite synonymous.

In a study published by the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, in January 2020, an analysis of NHS data found that there was less need for surgery, less need for analgesia, fewer inductions and a shorter stay in hospital when patients had used acupuncture during pregnancy.

If you would like to know more about this and other benefits of acupuncture and fertility or pregnancy you can click on the links below:

But today's blog is all about how acupuncture views the 'normal' physiology of ovulation through to labour.

The beauty of Yin and Yang is that we can see the energy of the body and the phases. It should always be remembered that even if Yin (the dark side) is at its peak, there is always Yang within in it. Yin and Yang are mutually dependent.


In ovulation, Yin energy is at its peak. This energy has helped prepare the body and the endometrial lining for ovulation and conception.

At this time, Yang energy is also starting to come up. Yang is essential for ovulation to occur.


For conception to occur, then Yin must have prepared sufficiently. There needs to be an abundant supply of Blood and Essence.

The action of Yang and the Fire of the Gate of Life is to provide the spark to form the new being. Yang will also be necessary to provide the rapid evolution of cells and the fetus.

Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Acupuncture during pregnancy is considered very safe. However, there are points which we would not use. A sample of these is above.

The Chinese have a beautiful way of writing. When these texts were written, 3000 years ago, they lived and experienced everything by nature, thus their descriptions reflect this.

These pictures below give you an idea of how they saw the development of a baby from conception to labour.

*Please note that in acupuncture there are 10 lunar months to a pregnancy.

Month One: the fetus is like a pearl of dew on a leaf

Month Two: the fetus is like a peach flower

Month Three: the fetus is like a cocoon

Month Four: the fetus and placenta is in the Field of Elixir

Month Five: depending on which way a woman turns when you call her name, will indicate the gender of the child

Month Six: the baby is now like a fish

Month Seven: the eyes, nose, ears and mouth are developed

Month Eight: food may start to taste sweet and stale

During this time the advice given to the mother is as below. It should be remembered that these were written thousands of years ago.

Of course, I would always wish for a restful pregnancy with as little stress, as much rest and as plentiful nourishing food as possible. However, that looks for you.

Acupuncture for labour

At the end of pregnancy, we are moving from Yin to Yang energies. Yang provides the movement to move the baby out.

But acupuncture can help. Acupuncture can help turn breech babies and it can provide pain relief.

And I really wish I had known about them during my two labours!

I hope you enjoyed this very brief look at how acupuncture views conception, pregnancy and labour.

If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Love your fave acupuncturist


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