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This Week I Learnt

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Last session today, for two weeks!

I've been feeling quite fatigued and not really present, however today was such a fantastic active lesson it is hard to remain in that fugue.

Continued adding facial acupuncture points using Gall Bladder, Bladder, San Jiao and Small Intestine points. The first picture is taken from Deadman. I have both the book and app and I find this visualisation of the points like this really helpful.

My favourite point from the day was Small Intestine 19, Ting Gong (Palace of Hearing) which benefits the ears and empowers listening. If a function of Small Intestine is about sorting then it makes sense that this will enable you to sort through information and hear what you need to!

I then met my 3rd year twin for fascinating lunchtime chat about her dissertation.

She has recommended this book by Gabor Mate....which will be added to my very long reading list.

Then this afternoon was Gua Sha. I loved giving it, but I really didn't enjoy having it done to me. But perhaps that's just because I had a first year peer doing it!!

Gua Sha is a skin scraping technique that dates back 2000 years and it helps to move Qi, Blood and body fluids stagnated by obesity, lack of exercise, chronic injuries and unresolved emotional issues.

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