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I Love Data

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

I love the stories and connections which can be made with it.

Before I quit to start studying acupuncture, data was a HUGE part of my job.  I am no mathematician, but I love what numbers can show us.

Medical research has always been a conundrum to me. How can you control for all the variables that makes a human? Yes, you might share the same demographics but this does not lead to you being the same person.

BUT I know, first hand, that this incredible medicine WORKS! It worked so well, I quit that job with numbers and data!

I have REALLY enjoyed reading through the ARRC 2019 Symposium slides. The ARRC is funded by the @british_acu_council and was created in 1994 to provide "registered acupuncturists and others [...] good quality information on research into acupuncture. Thus it supports practice and promotes further research."

There is so much that is being done and I am giving a very small snapshot of three of the talks below together with the link if you are interested in more.

~ Weidong Lu talked about the Oncology Acupuncture at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He talked about studies around acupuncture and cancer and also how treatment principles differ to traditional acupuncture e.g. Ashi points are NOT allowed.

~ Siiri Hedlund and Kajsa Landgren talked about efficacy of ear acupuncture for anxiety and insomnia but also really about providing a compassionate and human treatment without the need for drugs.

~ Carlo Giovanardi talked about the pilot study into acupuncture being a feasible and safe treatment option for CIPN in breast cancer patients. Chemotherapy-induced peripheral  neuropathy is a frequent side-effect of breast cancer patients. It can produce severe neurological deficits and neuropathic pain.

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