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Merry Christmas, Ya Lovely People

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

I have a gift for you in this post

My youngest child keeps shouting this at people.

At this rate, I am not sure Santa will be visiting our house this year.

I think that would sum up 2020.

However whether Santa chooses to visit or not, I am reminded that I am so lucky to have my family, friends, my online community and of course my health (I mean my mental health is shot to pieces, but I will work on that next year)!

I have learnt lots about my self.

I have also (goodness knows how) learnt more about acupuncture, in what was a strange year to finish my second year of studies and move into my third and final year.

But looking back on these posts, I certainly was enjoying it. Below is a round-up of all that I wrote about on here, this year. In fact, I almost cannot believe I did this.

  1. Winter is coming: how acupuncture can help

  2. Health and safety at work: and how acupuncture can help

  3. in progress

  4. Is plant-based food, damp forming?

  5. Falling into Autumn

  6. Western medicine through a Chinese Medicine lens

  7. Acupuncture and polycystic ovarian syndrome

  8. How does a 'normal' menstrual cycle work?

  9. What to expect from acupuncture ~ nursing advice

  10. How acupuncture can help with anxiety

  11. What to expect from acupuncture ~ needles

  12. The history of Chinese Medicine

  13. Sharing is caring

  14. What is stopping you?

  15. Tongue Twister

  16. Headaches in Chinese Medicine

  17. Acupuncture for stress

  18. The Fifth Season

  19. What to expect, when you're expecting acupuncture

  20. What to expect, when you're expecting acupuncture - Gua Sha and Moxa

  21. I can't get no sleep

  22. Period

  23. Cystitis case study

  24. Let's talk about cystitis

  25. Got a cold? I've got a point

Go take a look at those posts. Let me know what you think. Share it with folks that you think will benefit from it.

And if you find yourself bored, over the holiday period (hopefully not of my blog posts), I have created you a little activity book. You can download it below.

Download PDF • 1.00MB

Colouring, crossword and word search. My gift to you and my way of saying thank you for sticking with me.

However, you are spending these days. I will wish you a very restful, relaxing and recharging holiday.

Love from Andrea

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