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The Emperor

This week, I have been learning the patterns of the Heart.

The Heart, in Chinese Medicine (and I can probably assume Western medicine), is considered to be the 'Emperor' of all the organs.

At this moment in time, it is the Emperor of all my waking (and sleeping) thoughts.

To understand those patterns, which we might see in an individual, it is fundamental to understand the functions and elements of the Heart.

BLOOD ~ Gu Qi (Food Qi) is stamped 'red' / transformed in to Blood in the Heart. The Heart is also responsible for Blood circulating and is controlled in the blood vessels.

MIND ~ The Heart houses the Shen (Mind). This Shen relates to the mental activity, memory, think, sleep and consciousness. Blood is the root of the Mind.

HEAT ~ The Heart loathes Heat.

JOY ~ An excess of joy i.e. manic joy is considered to be a disease and will injure the Heart. That being said, other emotions will also affect the Heart e.g. sadness/grief/anger/worry.

SMALL INTESTINE ~ The Small Intestine is the Yang pairing to the Yin Heart. A Heart channel problem may have an affect on the Small Intestine channel.


ALSO THIS WEEK ~ Shout out to @Kanpobliss who has just created an app for simple diagnostics around Chinese Medicine. I keep going in to give 'fake' symptoms to see what the eventual outcomes and lifestyle advice is.

It really is an awesome asset - I highly recommend downloading it, if you are interested in Chinese Medicine.

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